• punched the wall.

  • Deep condolences for Oscar de la Renta. 😞

  • M.O.W, How can I just leave my everything behind? (via imwritingpoems)
  • "I look at you
    and I love you.
    I love you and
    it doesn’t mean anything
    and it’ll all just
    go to waste in the end.
    And I’m sorry,
    I really am.
    I’m sorry I couldn’t be
    someone you
    could fall in love with.
    And I’m breaking,
    I’m breaking without you.
    I know I should leave you
    in the past but
    how do I leave someone behind
    when they’re all I ever wanted
    for a future?"
  • might be the cutest cat ever alive.⚪️

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    Waikiki is a strange place

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    Lotus Elite - 1960 (by Stijn Sioen)

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